Pricked while adding gems and gold

To your undisputed crown

Effortlessly helplessly lost under 

Canopies of your cruel curses 

And tired from right to left dangles

Bruised by your knuckles  

My heart crushes at your feet

It peels unnoticed scars watching 

Your shoulders sway away 

Struggling to knit them up with 

Patches of unnecessary apologies 
Pity my lashes from the burning droplets 

The balcony is thirsty of our warmth 

The sky seeks more watchers 

Its still not well if you no longer see 

Nothing behind my eyes 

You see it well if I’m a red coal 

Swallowed by the grey ashes

All because you were mine 

Moisten my soul with the fading 

Fascinating memories then 

I will drag my mind from you 
First, just tell me, how? 

How does it feel balancing my heart 

On one hand and a ranging fire

On the other

Smile as you slap them together 

To see vampires dictate my dreams



Burn my comfort to ashes of restlessness 

By adjusting the angle between your legs

I will extinguish it by mapping my tongue 

Around your navel drawing rings 

On the border of your juicy nipples 
Don’t drop your eyes from the artistic 

Ceiling fixed with passion  

Let the capsule of addictive kisses 

Run down your curved neck coated 

With my charming shallow bites

Do you feel my fingers strumming down?

Your smooth curled spine 

Making those forbidden sounds 

Or you’re deep in pressing my skull

Sandwiched between your thighs 
Keep the rhythm of your mourn deep and steady 

As i lift your twin planets

And slowly lower the chair behind you

Am lost in the walks along the edges 

Of your sacred slippery linings

And i see cristal clear in the deep vents

Despite being blinded at the shadow

Of the glowing halo in your eyes 

Get me into these vent so that 

I cool the volcano before it erupts 


With the magnitude of the rolling balls

Of the fire masquerading your eyes

Liquefy mine in spite of all my fears

Drill my chest with your nails and

Explode my lungs with tension 

Stretch those cannibal smiling jaws

Soaked in wine from my bleeding 

Tattered heart
If i trusted your tingly tongue to

Cage my brain begging to hold on

If i trusted your breath of powdered gold

To chain me when it was cold

Then your cracking kisses are painless 

Inline with my tightly curled nerves

Your crumbling hugs are pleasing 

To turn me to ashes and dust

Just make these the best weapons 

In your butcher scented arsenal


Like the deep vexatious fangs

Intending to tear my heart,

I have swallowed my tongue

From the whispers of love

Avoiding the deep mirror stares

At the transparent roof for stars

Never surpassing your cristal eyes

As my teeth peal my lips deeper
Deep seashore breaths weigh down

My lungs without you in sight

The seas should be deeper

Than the kiss needed to awake

My sleeping beauty

To sink deepest in the graves

Of my buried hearts ashes

And float back the lost fantasies
Speak, speak me a float

And save my wrecking soul

From the deep falls of echoes

The tunnel to your hanging pearl

Red and dark, below your lungs

Caged in bones and engrave 

My name in it, deeper than

My shadow has done on the ground

Upon waiting

Speak it, speak me a float


Honey, is that honey dripping
From your lips?

Will you let it melt on my tongue?

Like my mind does at your affection

Without stings of emotions

From any direction
Swallow to marrow
Won’t you let the tip of my nerves

Bask at your flaming thighs

And ignite a glow on your skin

From the electric flow of cuddle

Then freeze with the wink 

Of your eyes of almond?
Will your lungs pump a sweet wind?

To cool the smoke in my roasting ones 

Can my palms rub your nipples?

Gentle disturb the inertia of those berries

Cause ripples in their sweetened juice

Yes, sway your soothing hips

Against my desperate coxa

Slow, unlike my possessed heart

Am a careful driver to meander 

Your curves.
Splendid journey
Are you a bed of roses? 

To prickle with every turn

Aren’t you a fresh daisy 

That bees scramble for?

Are you a cream candy?

That sweetly vanishes in saliva

Don’t you float up like meteors

Making rockets point stars?

Come prepare my dinner tonight

And steam a sausage in the oven
Heat my meat,

Will you?


I haven’t lied baby
She is not in my mind 

And never in my arms

Stop piercing with your eyes 

Waiting to bleed with words

That’s not her perfume 

On my lip-stained shirt

My ship wouldn’t sink

In another ocean

My soul wouldn’t float

In another atmosphere
Yes, she stretches smiles

But that wouldn’t leave a mark

The pearls around her neck

I can’t stare at them

Yours glitter behind the eyes

That intoxicate me

Her lips are harsh baby

Am quenched with yours

I’m their religious addict

I can’t call it staggering 

But you know balancing heels
Look at me darling

Breath slow and see no sins

You are like a tattoo on my skin

Your wavy curls and curves

Soothes the cuddle

Hurling her out of mind

She is a poison I smoked

But am drunk in your antidote

Heart at play

No she isn’t a model
Don’t stare at her navel
Angels aren’t angels
Her type is the angel

The vocals she speaks
Will float you to space
As her winks spite sparks
To melt your lenses
Her lips aren’t stomata diagram
Try holding your diaphragm
While you see her pitch black hair
Sway like grass blade in the air

No, no!! you can’t catch her
For the curls of her shade
Resemble those in the furnace
High you’ll always find
Her heels and chin
Upright is her chest
Towered by a firm waist
Rooted to the bulge hips
A walking pendulum

Don’t call her hot
For what you see in the eyes
Don’t call her a pot
When she roasts you twice
Call her the she wolf
Howling at my moon
Call he the card
Showing heart at play


Their cheap bewitched money
Will only leave us lonely
Smiles of these bloody hounds
Are a poisonous berry
That we eat, tomorrow we bury
They say we are the power
Same mouths feeding on what’s ours

Kwashiorkor is for their pockets
And here to our children in the market
In power we keep them to perform
But spray charmed perfume
To our trifle minds
Riding us in their tides
And hungrily we bite the bait
Them pulling on the other side

Should our arms and loyalty
Measure their strengths?
We settle at the depth of poverty
As they sail in skies of pride
The votes are easy
To let us live better
But the knives are busy
Making our living bitter

Why should the poor mans’ blood?
Spill to raise the rich mans’ pride?
Am here pleading
if that will prevent bleeding
let’s go down on our knees
and pray for peace.